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Un-profile your search history by disconnecting the dots between what you search and what your search engine account remembers

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What is the profiling of search history?

For every search you perform, as long as you are logged into your search engine account, the search history are profiled and connected to your web activities from other browsing services. This extension provides you with an option to un-profile your search history. Sharing less personal information is power.

Why do we need to un-profile search history?

Profiled search history helps internet service providers to easily connect the dots and offer interest-based or behavior-based advertising. Disconnect the dots between your search history and your account profile protects your privacy.

Search Engines

After this extension has been added to your Chrome browser you can choose your search engine. In this extension, we support Yahoo, Google and Bing. If you want to select a different search engine as your default, you can easily do so inside the Settings of this extension.

Frequently askedQuestions

This extension empowers you to disconnect the dots between your search history and your user profile online.

In order to remove the cookie header of your search and disconnect the dots, we need to replace your default search engine with our domain.

Feel free to shoot an email to us via the Contact page.

Please check the instructions from the Uninstall page.